India shines as a promising hub for Chilean cherries

India shines as a promising hub for Chilean cherries

Cherries arrived in record time
Chilean cherries

In the ongoing 2023-2024 export season, India shines as a promising hub for Chilean cherries, marking a milestone in the fruit trade landscape. The Fruit Cherry Committee of Chile (Futas de Chile) reports that cherry shipments to India have matched the levels of the previous season, totaling a significant 444 tons.

Executive Director Claudia Soler underscored a breakthrough achievement: the swift delivery of cherries to India aboard the Cosco CSCL Star vessel, completing the journey in a record time of just 36 days with a single stop. Soler attributes this success to the close collaboration fostered prior to the season between the Committee, exporting members, and shipping companies, addressing logistical hurdles that plagued previous seasons.

“This milestone signifies a substantial leap forward in overcoming logistical challenges, ensuring the timely delivery of top-quality cherries to the Indian market,” Soler emphasized.

Lapins and Regina varieties dominate the cherry exports to India, predominantly available through upscale retail outlets and burgeoning e-commerce platforms, reflecting a growing consumer interest.

Iván Marambio, President of Fruit of Chile, stressed the increasing significance of the Indian market for fresh fruit exports, underlining ongoing efforts to enhance entry conditions. Through collaborative initiatives like the Chile-India Business Council of Sofofa, partnerships between importing and exporting entities from both nations are strengthened, fostering bilateral trade relations.

Looking ahead, the Committee aims to formulate a comprehensive strategy to boost cherry consumption in India, coordinating closely with importers and distributors to drive market growth.

Since the 2020-2021 season, the Committee has actively engaged in promotional endeavors in India, leveraging the slogan “Cherry-sh every moment” to deploy a diverse array of activities including public relations campaigns, retailer promotions, engagement in wholesale markets, and influencer collaborations across various social media platforms.

Source: Frutas de Chile


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