Just before Christmas: cherry prices rise after storms

Just before Christmas: cherry prices rise after storms

The kilogram reached $49.99 dollars
Cherry prices christmas

The storms that have hit southern Australia are leaving consequences in various sectors and the agricultural sector has not been exempt. As reported by the Australian site 9news, cherry prices will increase dramatically in the coming weeks.

The reason is mainly due to the extensive damage that crops have suffered – in some cases even total losses or 70% – which has led in turn, to a shortage of supply and therefore, the rise in values.

Grant Piggott, managing director of Fruit Producers South Australia, told the outlet that last week a kilo of cherries was around $49.99 in the Adelaide central market.

A fruit appreciated at Christmas

Despite this, on the verge of a new Christmas, producers have faith in the demand of consumers, who have the cherry as one of their favorite products on these dates.

Another positive aspect is that producers have returned to harvesting in recent days, which would not only allow them to return their products to the market but also balance prices. Estimates indicate that a kilogram would reach $30 dollars as the climate stabilizes and harvests increase.

Australia is a cherry producer par excellence in the world, with a product well appreciated in the industry. Follow all the news from this country here

Source: 9news.com.au


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