Cherry Growers Australia announce the release of the Cherries Traceability Pilot Final Public Report

Cherry Growers Australia announce the release of the Cherries Traceability Pilot Final Public Report

After two years of dedicated effort and collaboration, this report represents a significant milestone in the cherry industry, showcasing their commitment to innovation and excellence.

Key Highlights:

  • Cutting-Edge Solutions: Explore the innovative technologies, including RFID technology and unique QR code implementation, that have transformed traceability in the cherry supply chain.
  • Insights and Analysis: Delve into the comprehensive data and analysis provided in the report, offering valuable insights into the cherry industry landscape.
  • Recommendations for the Future: Gain valuable recommendations aimed at enhancing traceability and fortifying the cherry supply chain for high-value export markets.

Introduction to Traceability:

The importance of traceability systems in ensuring food safety and quality cannot be overstated. Through our partnership with Agriculture Victoria, Cherry Growers Australia has spearheaded a pioneering pilot project aimed at enhancing cherry on-farm traceability.

Project Overview:

Funded by the Victorian Government, the Cherries Traceability Project spanned two harvest seasons from 2022 to 2023. Year 1 focused on developing on-farm traceability, while Year 2 concentrated on establishing producer-to-consumer traceability. The technological advancements achieved during this project hold great promise for the future of the cherry industry.

Shaping the Future of Traceability:

The implementation of cutting-edge traceability systems, including advanced labeling and integration with cool chain tracking, underscores our commitment to ensuring the safety and quality of Australian cherries for consumers worldwide. These innovations not only safeguard our export brands but also elevate the reputation of Australian cherries on the global stage.

Want to know more about this? Access the report now on the Cherry Growers Australia website here:

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